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29th March 2020

“Pray, hope and don’t worry”. These words said often by Padre Pio seem very appropriate for our times. Each day over the last fortnight seems to have brought a fresh headline more serious than the last, a new anxiety. Those of you who have gone through a time of grief might have something to compare it with – that sense of helplessness that comes from not being in control of events.

Yet we Christians know just what we should do in response. The One we follow, Jesus, is a mighty saviour who has come to deal with all that would threaten us – our sins and dying. In today’s gospel we have a foretaste of just how much power the Lord has at his disposal: he can give back life to a man dead for four days. Yet one day even Lazarus would die and leave this earth for good. And then? If Lazarus entrusted his life to the Lord Jesus he would rise again and this time never to die again. And the same for us.

At this time when ‘the world’ is slightly panicked by the succession of events, let us pray that people in their helplessness turn to God who is the very Ground of their objection to all that is happening. And let us pray for one another and encourage one another.

From Fr William Massie, Parish Priest


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STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Daily at 12.15pm (live-streamed)

BIBLE STUDY every Tuesday evening at 8.15pm (live-streamed)

YOUTH CLUB GET-TOGETHER on line every Friday evening at 7.15pm. You need to download the Zoom App which is free. Contact Michelle at mixieblob@gmail.com for details.

YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE PARISH Clearly many people are taking a financial ‘hit’ at this time. When the dust settles we will begin to be able to count the cost. In the meantime, if you are able to continue to make your weekly offering to the parish it would be enormously appreciated. It is our only source of income. You could do one of the following:
 Drop an envelope through the door of 115 Cottingham Rd (when you are out shopping)
 Put aside each week what you can afford and drop it in when passing.
 Set up a ‘Standing Order’. Ask Fr Massie for a Standing Order form.

MASS INTENTIONS Seem to have dried up. What is the meaning of offering money to a priest to celebrate a Mass? Will he not do it for nothing? Of course. But the money is an ‘offering’ not a payment. It is a small sacrifice we make to join to the great offering of Jesus to the Father. It is a ‘token’ to symbolise the offering of ourselves. In these days when there are so many important intentions to pray for can I encourage you make some small sacrifices and request some intentions for our daily Masses.

IN DANGER OF DEATH priests are available for the administering of the Last Rites: absolution, anointing of the sick and holy communion.

CONFIRMATION CLASSES will be on line. Hopefully from Wednesday 8th April.

Remember, our churches are closed for the safety of everyone as the virus is known to be highly contagious and we must avoid gathering in groups.
However, we can and must especially now stay close to Our Lord Jesus. Mass will still be celebrated daily for the living and the dead but in private. You can join in the celebration if you have access to the internet by going to our new Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chanelparishhull Mass will be celebrated at the usual Mass times (see opposite). At Holy Communion time we will read a ‘Prayer of Spiritual Communion'. Our Lord gave us the Sacraments as the ‘ordinary’ means of living in closest communion with Him. However, He is not bound by His Sacraments and so there are ‘extraordinary’ means of Him coming into our hearts and souls which are known only to Him. As one of the psalms reminds us, “The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness”. We can make a prayer of communion with the Lord in the tabernacle of our church and every Catholic church in the city and acknowledge how close He is in this Sacrament of Love.

We are assembling a group of volunteers to provide assistance to vulnerable people in the parish and area for example with shopping. If you would like to volunteer to join this group please email me. If you know someone who needs assistance or you need assistance at any stage yourself, please email or phone me on 01482 343216.

Since the closure of the Drop-in Centre run by St Charles we have been supporting the foodbank run by the Vineyard Church on Vulcan Street HU6 7PS (01482 343333) . They are meeting a growing and urgent need by those struggling across the city. If you can drop off any foodstuffs they would be so grateful. They collect on Mondays & Thursdays between 11am & 1pm. They are especially short of tinned foods: veg, soup, spaghetti, hot dogs, meatballs etc, UHT milk, dried pasta, rice, noodles, pasta sauce

First Reading: Ezekiel 37:12-14

The prophet announces the return of the Israelites from exile in Babylon. But he uses such powerful imagery, surely even he might have wondered if the words God told him to use might mean something more than political freedom: ‘I mean to raise you up from your graves, my people’.

Second Reading: Letter from St Paul to the Romans 8:8-11

St Paul addresses the newly baptised in Rome: their interests are in ‘spiritual things’ because the Spirit of God has made his home in them, through the Sacraments. It seems not to occur to Paul that the baptised could also be interested in ‘unspiritual things’, so radical was the change at baptism expected to be – as unthinkable as a newly married man looking lustfully at another woman. But even after Baptism we can drive the Holy Spirit away by becoming absorbed with unspiritual things.

Reflection of St Augustine of Hippo on today’s gospel reading:

Many fear the death of the body, few the death of a soul.

‘We read in the gospels of three dead persons raised by the Lord and surely not for nothing. The lord’s deeds, in fact, are not mere deeds, but signs. If then they are signs, besides being objects of wonder, they obviously have some meaning. It is somewhat more of an effort to discover the meaning of these signs than to hear or read of them.
We heard with admiration, when the Gospel was being read, of Lazarus coming back to life, as if the spectacle of a great miracle had been set before our eyes. Do let us consider the more wonderful works of Christ: everyone who believes, rises. Let us consider all deaths and understand the more abominable ones: everyone who sins dies! But everyone fears bodily death, few the death of the soul. All are anxious that the former should not come and without a doubt, it will come sometime. They take great care on this account. A man who is to die takes pains so as not to die and a man who is to live for ever is not concerned as not to sin. Now while he strives not to die, he strives in vain; all he achieves at most is that death is put off, not avoided. If however he wills not to sin, he need not be anxious and will live forever.
Oh! If we could but arouse men and be roused ourselves, that we might be lovers of the life that lasts as much as men are lovers of this fleeting life! What will a man not do when faced with the danger of death… God wants things which are easy – that we might live forever – and we are careless about obeying him’.

Divine Office Week 1

Prayer of Spiritual Communion
to be made especially at Communion time
during Holy Mass.

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there, and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.


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