Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

According to its Constitution, the Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory and policy making body of elected and nominated parish representatives, presided over by the Parish Priest.

It is a forum for information, needs, proposals and action and provides mutual support for parish workers and priests. It seeks always to enable and empower others so that all may give freely of their gifts without being over-burdened. It calls all to exercise the responsibility of the priesthood received in baptism, so that the work is evenly shared out and not allowed to drift into the hands of the few.


Any Member of the Council must be a baptised practising Catholic aged 16 or over.

It comprises three groups:

Ex officio members:

Fr Des Hanrahan (President)  & Brother John McAllister

President’s appointments:

Gwen Carruthers  (Finance),

Tim Carruthers  (Buildings and maintenance),

Margaret Crummay  (Gift Aid)

10 elected members

of which 5 are elected at each Annual General Meeting to serve for two years.  


Elected Members for 2016 - 2018

Lesley Hines

Thérèse Hubbard

Carol Lavelle

Miriam Moore

Rob Pipkin

Elected members for 2017- 2019

Freda Carroll

Susana Teixeira-Damaso

Marianne Hopkin

Priyanka Perera

Josie Pipkin

Officers are elected by Council members at their first meeting after the AGM.

Officers for 2017-2018 are

Chair:            Thérèse Hubbard

Vice-Chair:      Priyanka Perera

Secretaries sharing:     Freda Carroll / Miriam Moore