Finance Committee

According   to the Code of Canon Law every parish must have a finance council to assist the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish and accountable to the Diocesan bishop. The Parish Financial Committee has responsibility for the Parish’s finances and property.   It ensures that separate financial accounts are kept of the Parish, the Hall and the Social Club and  are reported on a regular basis to the Parish Pastoral Council and to the diocese of Middlesbrough.  Any expenditure must be agreed by the Committee.  It also acts as an advisor to the Parish Priest on financial matters.  It comprises the Parish Priest, the Financial Secretary, the Buildings and Maintenance Manager, the Chairman of the Parish Pastoral  Council and one elected member of the Parish Pastoral Council.  In addition there is a secretary and an independent advisor. 


Fr William Massie, Parish Priest,

Gwen Carruthers, Financial Secretary

Thérèse Hubbard, Chairman of the Parish Council

Rob Pipkin, elected member of the Parish Council

Tim Carruthers, Buildings and Maintenance Manager

Margaret Crummay,  Gift Aid donations

Malcolm Bellamy, independent advisor

Miriam Moore, Secretary